Iguazu, Argentina

The taxi driver turns left off the main road and we start bumping down a red clay dirt path.  On the left and right there are simple bungalows surrounded by an abundance of plush greenery.  Dogs are roaming the paths and adorable sun-kissed kids are chasing their friends’ bikes.  We roam deeper into this village and at the end of the road, our driver points to a humble brick house and says, “This is it!” Wow, we really went local this time.  We walk on the property and are greeted by half a dozen golden retriever puppies.  Leah is in Heaven.  

But we’re here to see the Iguazu Falls.  We enter the park bright and early and are stoked to take in a healthy dose of nature.  There are two paths on the Argentine side, one leads you below the falls and the other one brings you to the top.  We stroll through the lower trail, trekking past butterflies, smaller waterfalls and stunning views.  Joining us at every turn were the unofficial mascot of Iguazu, the Coatis. These fellas look like small furry anteaters mixed with raccoons, who scurry throughout the park.  We eventually reach the end of the path and jump on a boat that takes us under the largest of the falls, La Garganta del Diablo (also known as Devil’s Throat).  This was the most amazing experience (check out our video below!).  Your adrenaline is pumping as you ride closer to the chill water spraying and eventually soaking everything. Your vision is completely lost from the blur of the powerful natural wonder spilling over you.  Totally exhilarating.   

Needing to dry off after the drenching boat ride, we hiked through the upper path. The feeling of being suspended over these massive falls was something else as were the views of the recently minted New7Wonders of Nature.  We came across a colony of monkeys interacting with the passer-byers.  We were hesitant to get too close for fear of an attack, but others handed these furry little creatures fruit. The access to animals and the plush grounds was like nothing else we had experienced.

We swung over the border to Brazil for our last day in Iguazu, and for as many good things as we had heard about the Brazilian side, we wanted our lasting images to be of the Argentina side.  Plus, it gives us another reason to come back.  And if you’ve never been, you must go!

Check out a video of our boat ride into the falls!