Leah Faurtosh + Skyler Maiman

We’re just two Southern California natives who thought traveling the world was but a dream. It quickly became a reality after a layoff and then a resignation at our respective Advertising Sales careers. And before any of life’s beautiful responsibilities come into play, we decided we need some fresh air. Upon our decision to take this risky, scary, exciting, adventure, I was told this:

 “Travel is breathing.  Your entire perception of humanity changes.  It's one of the most profound things you can do for your soul.  And obviously you may never have this opportunity again.  We have to work for the rest of our lives.  Go and explore.  Meet different people who live totally differently.  Eat weird food.  Immerse yourself in different cultures.  See new trees and pick new fruits.  Be uncomfortable.” 

This is exactly what we plan on doing.

We hope you enjoy our blog. We hope it excites, inspires or at the very least entertains you. If you think our paths could cross or if you have recommendations to share, please contact us at faurandsky@gmail.com. 


Skyler & Leah