Cusco, Peru

We’re in love with Cusco!  Everything that Lima lacked, Cusco delivered in spades.  The smiles were wider.  The beers were colder.  And the scenery was absolutely priceless.  Sacqhca restaurant was a total highlight on our first evening.  A family owned eatery where the owner, a young smiling man in traditional garb, explained how his daughter ran the computer and his wife was the chef – a great one at that!  The local hot sauce, which was made up of minced red onion, carrot and red pepper in a citrus juice served alongside warm Andean bread made in house was delicious.  Traditional artwork surrounded us, along with tables filled with people in their (new) Alpaca sweaters with their friends and the crackling fire.

That was the first night.  By the second night, Skyler was in bad shape with what we think was food poisoning, that or he somehow drank the water???  But prior to that, we took a double decker bus tour, muchisimo tourist-style, of the local sights including Jesus Christo on the hilltop, Llamas, Alpacas and even got our picture taken with one. 

When we returned from the Inka Trail trek, that first shower back was easily top 5.  The same could be said for that night’s sleep, considering we weren’t positioned diagonally amongst rocks and mud.  That was some much needed downtime and also allowed us one last day to explore this quaint little city.

Off to Santiago we go!