Leaving Ireland, quite possibly home to the friendliest people in the word, we headed to Scotland, which certainly has its own group of cordial individuals.  It’s just too bad we didn’t get to enjoy it all more as the culmination of traveling seemed to catch up with us and we nursed a couple colds throughout our stay in Glasgow.

Edinburgh is such a cool city and thankfully we were up to explore and caught it with some of the sunniest days they’d seen in a while.  Our flat was situated within walking distance of everything anyone could need and the recommendations we had received a few months before, while meeting a local in Copenhagen.

Skyler is all about the red double decker bus that you see in most cities, which tours you around the most notable sights a city has to offer.  It did get us to a fantastic hike known as Arthur’s Seat, which is the main peak in Holyrood Park and also offers stunning panoramic views of Edinburgh.  It was a tough climb to the top, but the 360 views and pic-nicking crowd at the top made it a memorable stop. 

Of course when you think Scotland, you think Scottish whisky, or at least we do.  And thankfully, we found a nearby, and stocked to the brim, bottle shop that offered tastings.  You can’t believe how many scotch’s start with the word ‘Glen.’  But also how different they can all taste when you learn the process and nuances that goes into distilling this classic beverage. 

Of all the places we visited throughout our trip, Scotland is easily one of the few countries we could have used more time in to maximize all it has to offer…. and we will someday!