Lima, Peru

Here we go, first stop…!

The flight from LA to Lima wasn’t half bad.  Got a little sleep, but not nearly enough as we crashed immediately for half the day.  The search for some food thereafter was an experience in itself before settling on what had to be Lima’s version of Marie Callender’s.  Seeing as how they have a Tony Roma’s and a Pinkberry, maybe we’re not far off?  We have got to say though, the food was outstanding, it just had the ambience of Bingo night.

And it turns out Skyler doesn’t know as much Spanish as self-proclaimed.  Thank goodness for iTranslate.

Quick pit stop at one of the beautiful supermarkets only to find they need mucho identification for breakfast bars, water and wine.  Seriously, what are they going to do with our passport number on a grocery receipt? 

Probably one of the biggest surprises is that sleeping isn’t really a priority here – maybe just on our block?  Perhaps that’s because we experienced polite horn honking.  Barking dogs.  And Latin Opera.  All night

We took an awesome bike ride the next morning.  During our ride, we decided to take a little nap in one of the many gorgeous parks in Miraflores.  Ready for some grub after our rigorous cycle, we were set to belly up at a local restaurant, but low and behold that would be our one and only meal of the day as Skyler lost some coins during said nap in park.  Thankfully it was well worth it as the ceviche mixto, 6 (count ‘em seis) Cusqueñas and steak and fritas at Punta Azul were delicious.  Cusqueña has been flowing as it’s practically cheaper than water.

The sun is gnarly here!  Not sure if it’s the proximity to the equator or the flowing cerveza, but sunscreen is a must.  In fact, Leah even discovered what it feels like to be sunburnt.  Skyler is also rocking a killer Farmer’s Tan, which he may try and trade in for some sweet Alpaca gear over in Cusco.

Uber in Lima?  Yep and it’s the smart way to go!

GoPro is quite the challenge making us feel like GoRookies.  SOS!!  No seriously, if you’re a Pro, get in touch with us.

In Cusco now, which is breathtaking.  Anxious for our Macchu Picchu trek in a few days, but for now enjoying what this cool little city has to offer.